Elevate & Innovate: Unleashing the Power of Social Entrepreneurship – A webinar on social entrepreneurship

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Academy of Entrepreneurship is inviting you to the free webinar “Elevate & Innovate: Unleashing the Power of Social Entrepreneurship” that will take place online on Tuesday 21st of November!

Register now: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEtceCuqTouHt2tNIaI46-oL04fvWm6I6Ki#/registration

The webinar is implemented in the context of the EU project “Social Entrepreneurship eLearning Programme for NGOs – SocEntrep4NGOs” which aims to improve the capacity of existing NGOs working within the third sector, current and future social entrepreneurs by providing them with a formal qualification directly related to Social Entrepreneurship.

In this webinar, you will receive useful insights from distinguished trainers in the field about the content of social entrepreneurship, its importance in today’s world and the challenges that a modern social entrepreneur needs to face. Additionally, you will have the chance to engage in discussion about specific topics on social entrepreneurship and exchange opinions and experiences.

📅 Date: 21/11/2023

🕛 Time: 4pm – 6pm (EET)

🌐 Format: Online

🗣 Language: English

Our agenda and speakers:

🎙️ “The experience of a social cooperative: why, how, with which local and international
partners.” -
Attilio Orecchio, Co-founder, Glocal Factory

🎙️ “Increasing resilience of social entrepreneurs” - Elena Romanini, Senior Project Manager, T-HAP

🎙️ “Capacity Building in Social Entrepreneurship”- Stephen D’Alessandro, Executive Director

This webinar addresses:

  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring social entrepreneurs
  • NGO employees and managers

  • NGO volunteers
  • Anyone who wants to get into the world of social entrepreneurship


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The Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2007. It aims to contribute to the acquisition and development of entrepreneurship and professional competences for its beneficiaries: new and aspiring entrepreneurs, teachers and students in VET and Adult education, marginalized groups and low skill adults. AKEP’s goal is to foster employability and improve instructional practices in education, so as to respond to the challenges of the labour market, raising also awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship education on national and European level. We offer asynchronous courses in our e-learning platform and synchronous trainings.

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