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What are the social and ecological implications of the fashion industry? How do mainstream perceptions about sustainability influence environmental policy-making for the fashion industry? What alternatives can we explore to address sustainability and social justice, including fair wages and working conditions throughout the fashion supply chain? What role, if any, does advertising play?

It can be challenging to envision fashion practices that are both ecologically and socially responsible without falling victim to greenwashing marketing schemes or disregarding the underlying power structures and socio-ecological problems. During the two-day event, we aim to delve into these issues and seek ways to challenge and transform the prevailing understanding of sustainable fashion. Our goal is to identify creative alternatives for collective action.

Main topics:
Socio-ecological implications of the fashion industry

Alternatives to fast fashion and greenwashing advertisement
Ηackathons and social innovation 
Climate praxis

Type of activities:
Group work activity and presentation

Collective discussions
Creative activity

Programme 9 June:
17.00-17.30: Arrivals and networking, Rapid discussion on the socio-ecological implications of the fashion industry.

17.30-18.30: Hackathons as a tool for finding creative solutions to make fashion production sustainable. 
18.30-18.40: Break
18.40-19.30: Sustainable materials and practices. A role play. 
19.30-20.00: Be aware of the greenwashing! Looking deeper into the roots of the problem. 

Programme 10 June:
10.00-10.30: Arrivals

10.30-11.30: From private responsibility to collective youth action. 
11.30-13.00: Closing statement through collective art making.

Location: Inter Alia, Athens, Valtetsiou 50-52, 2nd floor

What to bring (for 10th of June): Bottle cups, colorful fibers, magazines and other small craft items that otherwise you would throw them away for the purpose of the collage. 

Note: Snacks and drinks will be freely available. If you wish, you could offer additional homemade treats to the group. Please, bring your own cup 🙂

Working language will be English but it is possible to have translation in Greek within your working groups with the support of other participants. 

Certificate of attendance will be provided for those interested to have one.

The event is free of charge. You are fee to choose if you want to attend both days or not!

Please reserve your spot by sending directly an email to Amerissa at giannouli@interaliaproject.com

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