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Elevate is a project for youth workers which has the purpose of supporting them in developing and fine-tuning a working method of sustainable inclusion of the youngsters with fewer opportunities, increasing employability and enabling them to go back in the labor market while guiding them in a one-to-one or in a group settings. Elevate is dedicated to youth workers who are at the beginning of their path in guiding youngsters with fewer opportunities either in ESC volunteering programs, youth exchanges, workshops, events, and projects organized in their community.


The aim is to equip youth workers with the necessary tools, techniques, educational activities, working principles and confidence so they can also support youngsters on a daily basis and on a community level (especially when it comes to ESC programs and reinventing certain activities) and for their future projects.

Main tools and topics during the Professional Development Activity: coaching, critical conversation techniques, needs analysis (on an individual level and organizational level), reinventing/rethinking gathering (events, professional development activities, exchanges, ESC programs) according to the new normal and new norms.

The results of the Professional Development Activity will be translated into a Methodology guideline that is tailor-made for working with youngsters with fewer opportunities, both one-to-one and in groups. The guideline will contain the following elements: how to create a connection with the target group, how to create step-by-step opportunities for these individuals within the organization, and how to guide them through the whole learning path. Read more and apply here:


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Inter Alia is active in the fields of education, advocacy, youth work and culture with the aim to: - Promote and enhance civic action and civil society’s interconnectedness and effectiveness in influencing decision-making at any level; - Empower youth and increase employment opportunities through training, skills development, and civic and social participation; - Confront interpersonal and intergroup stereotypes and enhance intercultural understanding inside and outside the perceived limits of Europe as a means to peace and well-being.

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