Visual Designer Intern – 9 months Paid Internship Program

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Visual Designer Intern – 9 months Paid Internship ProgramVisual Designer Intern – 9 months Paid Internship Program

Visual Designer Intern - 9 months Paid Internship Program

Are you ready to embark on an exciting career journey with Reborrn? We are a fast-growing hybrid of consultants and makers based in London and Athens, challenging the norms of traditional consultancies in the Digital Economy. We work with visionary organisations like The Coca-Cola Company, L’Oreal, Bayer, Philip Morris International across geographies, with a deep expertise in Strategy & Management Consulting, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Business Process Optimisation & Organisation Design.

We are currently seeking for an exceptionally talented individual to join our Product & Experience team as a Visual Designer Intern.

As a Visual Designer Intern, you will be working closely with REBORRN’s Product & Experience Design Team playing an active role in all aspects of the experience design process. This internship program spans 9 months, during which you'll have the opportunity to showcase your skills, collaborate effectively within teams, and embody our company's values. If you meet performance expectations, demonstrate strong teamwork and collaboration skills, and align with our culture, after this 9-month internship, you will be extended an offer to join us as a full-time Visual Designer.

💪 What your day to day will look like?

The Product and Experience team is focused on designing user interfaces, brands, and experiences for digital products and services. They are responsible for envisioning the big picture of a product and effectively communicating ideas through storytelling and concept development. As an intern in this team, the biggest part of your job will be focused on imagining how a company communicates and brands new products/projects/teams in the digital era. Some examples of specific work would include supporting the team in creating visuals, logos and complete brand-books for digital (or not) products. You will be involved in designing from presentation decks to social media content as well as create internal presentations and communication materials for huge brands, using relevant presentation design software such as Google Slides, PowerPoint or Keynote.

You will be working in a very fast growing environment, so expect pressure, change of priorities and tight deadlines. Your role would require strong communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to adapt to evolving client needs and industry trends. You’ll never get bored. We promise.

Although we operate on a hybrid work model, we would like to ensure effective collaboration by joining our amazing offices at least two times a week. If you live outside of Athens, expect that you will need to travel probably once a month (all travel expenses are covered) and/or when there is a client engagement that requires your physical attendance (e.g a Design Sprint).

😇 Who are you?

This may be your first professional role, and we welcome candidates who have spent summers on internships, volunteer work, or have already embarked on their careers in the past one to two years. Whether you are fresh out of university, completing your undergraduate studies, or pursuing a master's degree, we encourage you to apply.

-You've been rocking the academic world with your stellar performance, and critical thinking is like second nature to you.

-You did not wait to get a paid job to learn and contribute. You already have in your portfolio a wide variety of volunteering experiences where you demonstrated leadership and initiative.

-You have a genuine curiosity in how good design can tell the right story but also solve complex problems.

-You are tech-savvy and possess a profound understanding of various digital platforms and tools (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.), demonstrating a knack for navigating and leveraging technology to its fullest potential.

-You are good with words both verbally and in writing, having the ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts effectively in English.

-Continuous learning, innovation, and driving impactful change are embedded in your DNA. You constantly acquire new skills to make a lasting impact and fuel growth.

-You are curious by design. You always try to find better ways to do things. You experiment and you learn by trying. You never stop looking for the right answers.

-You are a team player. You 're not a lone wolf, your natural setup is working with others.

-Last but not least, you care. At Reborrn, we don’t accept the “this is not my job” mentality. If someone spills coffee on the floor, we pick up the mop and clean the mess.

💰 Salary & Benefits.

On top of investing in your growth, we would like to give you a kick start that goes well beyond the basic salary. For the Visual Designer Intern role the Annual Salary is €17.500 Gross. Going beyond financial compensation, we don’t believe in offering trivial perks to our people. Our most important perk is offering you a workplace with the market’s top talent and the chance to thrive.

Additional Benefits:

-Free Travel Card for Public transport 

-Subscription for Electric Scooter or e-Bike

-Private medical insurance

-Kick ass tech gear

-Unlimited Vacation Policy

-All you can read books program

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We are a hybrid of management consultants & makers on a mission to help visionary companies thrive in the digital economy, using Data, Technology, and Design. While the digital economy is changing the world, companies struggle to keep up with the pace of change. This is also true of the companies that help other companies, consultancies. They are slow, expensive, and their delivery is usually below standards. This is why we have built a new breed of a consultancy, to help companies thrive in the digital economy and challenge how traditional consulting works. We are a world-class team of Creatives, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs. Before anything, we are Makers. What we make is Creativity led. Data backed. Beautifully engineered.

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