University Opportunities is the first opportunity discovery platform for youth in Greece. Is an effective platform to find the latest opportunities for free and avail important educational content for continued self-development.

University Opportunities’ main goal is to inform young people about the opportunities they have!

All about seminars, events, workshops, competitions that will help them practice and develop the skills required by the new digital age. The first opportunitiy discovery platfrom for youth and organizations in Greece. We’ve got here from a passion of networking organizations and students in order to expand opportunities both of them.

Uni.ties works relentlessly to create an efficacious bridge between opportunity seekers with opportunity providers for mutually beneficial development through sharing of information.

The Uni.Times is a series of interviews designed to inspire young people and give them opportunities they probably didn’t know that exist.

We want to bring organisations closer to young people who want to explore new opportunities and be active! We want them to get to know what other youngsters do and stand out!

Our goal is to help them discover what they like, what they really enjoy and what makes them productive!

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