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Knowl is a social enterprise for lifelong learning, an award-winning Trust Education Platform, which designs and implements education, training and mentoring programs that inspire, evolve and “change the lives” of people who participate.We specialize in learning development, soft skills, strengths performance, growth mindset, engaging leadership, goal achievement, startup evolution, business mentoring, professional coaching, personnel recruitment & scouting matching.Distinguished foundations and important companies from Greek labour market recognize our services & methodologies.
In 10 dynamic years from its establishment (2012), knowl:
-has already offered free trainings to 5,000+ people,
-got awarded at the European Enterprise Awards 2020 (Best Collective Social Cooperative Enterprise – Greece) and at the Education Business Awards 2016, Bravo! Sustainability Awards 2018 & Best City Awards 2018 for “Mellon Skills Accelerator”,
-was registered as a Cultural Organization in the Ministry of Culture and Sports,
-got ICF accreditation on “Stars Strengths Professional Workshop”,
-participates as key partner in 16 European Projects, with contributions in 12+ European Projects,
-led as Scientific Expert large scale surveys on women entrepreneurship and professional success, and led as national partner many qualitative EU surveys,
-co- & organised 70+ events #edu#info#skills#VET, hosting over 6.000 participants,
-acted as co-national representative for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2014 (WED@United Nations in partnership with US State Dept.), the world’s largest movement for women innovators and start-ups in 144 countries,
-selected as Research Advisor for the ECOC2021 bid of Municipality of Larissa
-carries out the Hellenic Social Campaign “Be the Cause” for risk groups’ support
-more than 750 testimonials appraise our work
-selected as delivery partner for the 5th consecutive year by Prince’s Trust International
-empowered 510+ people to get jobs

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